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Janitorial Business Insurance

Our Janitorial Services Product provides comprehensive coverage for the unique exposures faced by today's residential and commercial contractors. All coverage is provided by a single policy.


  • Commercial general liability, property and inland marine
  • Broad optional coverage vital to janitorial service are available:
    • Contractor's equipment floater
    • Rental reimbursement for damaged equipment
    • Lost key coverage
    • Property damage extension
  • Coverage available for:
    • Independent contractors (up to 25% of total receipts)
    • Blanket additional insured available for commercial janitorial contractors
  • All the above coverage under one policy
  • No liability deductible
  • Can consider floor waxing exposures up to 50% of total operations
  • General liability (up to):
    • $1,000,000 per occurrence
    • $2,000,000 general aggregate



    • Contractor's equipment floater:
      • $10,000 blanket limit
      • $2,500 any one item
      • $500 deductible
    • Rental reimbursement:
      • $250 per day
      • $5,000 any one loss
    • Lost Key: $25,000 Limit
    • Property damage extension: $5,000 each occurrence; $25,000 aggregate
    • Independent contractors (Same as CGL)
    • Commercial umbrella up to $5,000,000



    • Quick quote turnaround
    • Quick binder confirmation
    • Competitive pricing (residential, office and mercantile rates)
    • Rates per employee
    • A.M. Best rated A++ carrier
    • Policy is non-auditable
    • Available for online quoting
    • Free and substantially discounted background check


    Why you need janitorial business insurance protection:

    • Your method used to clean countertops caused a surface to become damaged and require replacement
    • After you finished mopping a floor, a passerby slips and breaks their hip
    • The ring of keys you keep for the locations you clean is lost and you need to replace the locks and keys of all corresponding locations
    • Your cleaning and floor waxing tools are damaged and you need to rent equipment while they are being repaired or replaced


    Why you should Oasis Insurance's janitorial service insurance protection:

    • We make available a number of coverage vital to the janitorial services industry such as contractors equipment floater, rental
    • reimbursement, lost key coverage and a property damage extension. The following are important features; make sure you have them all.


    Insurance Coverage Features

    • Lost key coverage $25,000 limit
    • Property damage extension $5,000 per occurrence/$25,000 aggregate
    • Contractor's equipment floater blanket limit $10,000/$2,500 any one item
    • Rental reimbursement $250 per day/$5,000 any one loss
    • Can consider floor waxing exposures up to 50% of total operations
    • Expanded definition of bodily injury to include sickness or disease caused by mental anguish or emotional distress
    • Defense cost coverage provided outside the limit of liability
    • Blanket additional insured available for commercial janitorial contractors
    • Free and substantially discounted background check services provided to all janitorial policy holders


    Examples of Claims You Might Experience

    Bodily Injury: The insured had waxed a client’s floor prior to them opening for the day. A delivery person walked into the building and slipped on the wet floor breaking his hip. The insured was found negligent for not placing a slippery when wet sign in the hallway and incurred a loss of $32,000.

    Contractors Equipment Floater: The insured kept a piece of his equipment in the hallway of his client during the day. One afternoon a fire occurred in the hallway that destroyed the insured’s vacuum cleaner. The insured filed a claim to replace the vacuum for $2,200.

    Rental Reimbursement: The insured used a specialized piece of waxing equipment to clean his client’s floors. One of his employees forgot to place the machine back into is car trunk and backed over it when pulling out of the client’s parking lot. The insured needed to lease a machine until his could be repaired. He was reimbursed $1,500 for the rental.

    Property Damage Extension: One of the insured’s employees was dusting a client’s bookshelf and accidentally knocked over and broke a vase. The vase required replacement due to the insured’s negligence. The incurred loss totaled $475.

    Lost Key: The insured kept all of his client’s keys on one key ring and lost the key ring requiring him now to pay the cost to replace all the locks at each of each client’s premises totaling $3,500.


    This document does not amend, extend or alter the coverage afforded by the Policy. For a complete understanding of any insurance you purchase, you must first read your Policy, Declaration Page and any Endorsements and discuss them with your Broker. A specimen policy is available from an Agent of the Company. Your actual Policy Conditions may be amended by Endorsement or affected by State Laws.



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