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Get the reassurance you need when you cross the border from the US to Mexico with Mexico travel insurance.

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A typical Mexico car insurance policy might include:

  • Liability limits of up to $500,000

  • Property damage and theft coverage

  • Guaranteed legal and bond assistance, which assists you with the cost of legal assistance in certain covered situations

  • Fixed deductibles

  • Uninsured motorist coverage

  • Gap coverage

  • Medical expense payments

  • Roadside assistance

About Mexico Auto Travel Insurance

Mexico is a popular tourist destination for US residents due to its proximity. What some people don't realize when traveling from the US to Mexico is that their car insurance policy may not fully cover them. While your US car insurance policy might provide collision and comprehensive coverage of your vehicle while you are in Mexico, the liability coverage of your US car insurance policy is no longer valid once you cross the border.

Mexican car insurance requirements differ from car insurance requirements in the US. For example, Mexico requires "proof of financial responsibility" to cover an accident, which includes but does not mandate insurance. If you get in an accident while visiting Mexico and are at fault, you might face high expenses or even jail time if you have not purchased Mexican auto travel insurance.

When choosing a Mexico travel insurance policy, it's important to choose one that includes legal assistance and bail coverage, in the event arrested. An affordable Mexico car insurance policy from Oasis will give you peace of mind during your Mexico trip. Call, request a quote online, or visit one of our 20+ Arizona locations to purchase Mexico travel auto insurance.