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Renters insurance is an affordable way to protect your personal belongings in case of theft, fire, or water damage.

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What does renters insurance cover?Renters insurance covers damage caused by:

  • Fire or lightning

  • Smoke damage

  • Theft

  • Burglary

  • Vandalism

  • Windstorm or hail

  • Collapse of the building due to weather

  • Water leakage or overflow

  • Freezing of plumbing or air conditioning, and more

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While your landlord's insurance policy covers the building you live in, it won't cover what's inside your rental unit. That's where renters insurance comes in. Whether you are renting an apartment, condo, or house, renters insurance can protect you and your belongings in the event of theft, fire, or water damage. Most people would not be able to afford the expense of replacing their personal belongings due to unexpected damages. Additionally, medical bills and lawsuits/legal fees can get quite expensive if someone is injured in your rental unit. Renters insurance gives you peace of mind knowing that you and your belongings are protected due to unexpected damages or injury. Request your free Arizona renters insurance quote today and find out just how affordable renters insurance is.