How to Keep Kids Entertained During a Road Trip

February 5, 2021

Tired of being stuck in your house? Now’s a great time to pack up the car, double-check that you have the best car insurance in Arizona, and go exploring. While your kids might jump at the idea of taking a drive to the Grand Canyon or Monument Valley, their enthusiasm may quickly drain once they realize they’re going to have to spend several hours in the backseat. It’s going to be a long ride if you have to answer the question, “are we there yet?” 100 times.

Luckily, we have a few tips on how to make their experience a little more enjoyable. Try these methods to keep your kids entertained and your sanity intact during your next road trip.

Play a Movie

Most modern SUVs and minivans come loaded up with rear-seat entertainment systems, so put them to good use. Take a family vote on which movie (or movies) to watch during the trip, then start playing them when you roll out of the driveway. To keep kids focused, you may want to make a full event out of it — pack some popcorn and other movie snacks to make it feel like a special outing.

If you have more than one kid and they can’t agree on what to watch, you may want to set them up with their own screens so they can each stay occupied without whining. This may also be a good time to binge on a particular TV show, especially one you watch as a family.

Try a Game

In the old days, you probably played fun games like “Spot the License Plate” or “I Spy.” While these can be fun, don’t limit yourself. Modern kids love hands-on activities, so try games that are easy to play in the car. There are plenty of magnetic board game sets out there so your kids can play checkers, chess, and more on the go. Or, try an enclosed game like Hungry Hungry Hippos where they can’t spill pieces everywhere.

Car bingo is another fun interactive game, and if you don’t feel like printing anything, you can download an app for it on your child’s tablet. Other games you can try include spotting certain animals, the quiet game (a true classic), and the celebrity game (one person names a celebrity, and the next person has to name another one with a first name that starts with the first letter of the last celebrity’s last name).

Pack a Travel Journal

If your kid is old enough to read and write, a travel journal gives your child a chance to record everything that happens on the trip. This shouldn’t just be a blank notebook — make sure it is filled with activities for the child to record or complete. For example, the notebook might have a page to write down funny signs they see along the way. It might also come with a few blank pages for sketching odd cars you pass along the way. Kids will love having a record of the trip, and this should keep them focused for a few hours at least.

You can also make things a bit educational by giving them a map of your road trip and asking them to mark every city they pass. That way, they’ll learn a bit about geography and how to read a map correctly.

Create an Art and Toy Chest

A big part of keeping kids entertained is having them be surprised and use their imagination. That’s why the idea of an art and toy treasure chest might appeal to them so much. Get your kids to pack up their chest before they go so they can put all their favorite trinkets in it. Then, add in a few special surprises that they don’t know about. That way, they’ll be excited to dig through and find their hidden items once the drive begins.

Just make sure it’s stocked with plenty of paper, colored pencils, and crayons so your kid can draw what they see along the drive. Other crafts that are easy to do in the car are origami and pipe cleaner sculptures. Going through this chest and doing all the involved activities should keep them occupied for at least a few hours.

Hand Out Stickers for Achievements

Who doesn’t love stickers? They’re an especially important currency for children, so give them the chance to earn some along the road trip. Set small goals for them to achieve, such as not arguing with their sibling for an hour. Every time they hit an achievement, give them a sticker to put in their travel journal.

Of course, the stickers don’t all have to be about discipline — hand them out for fun moments, like when you arrive at a particular landmark. Once they return home from the trip, your child will proudly showcase all their gold stars to all their friends.

Have a Family Singalong

Do you and your kids love music? Now’s your chance to have your very own concert! Make a playlist of all your kids’ favorite songs for the drive. You may even want to see if you can get the instrumental versions of the songs — that way, they’ll be able to put their own unique spin on the vocals. If you’re in the passenger seat and know how to play guitar, this might be a great chance to perform your own tunes.

If your kid is starting to play an instrument or has musical abilities, bring along some drumsticks or a tambourine. This gives them practice at keeping tempo and working on their vocal range. Just keep in mind that your car is a tight space, and eight hours of drumming to “Baby Shark” could get a bit tiresome for your ears.

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