3 Modern Safety Features to Make Driving in Tucson Safer

May 15, 2023
Cars driving up and down a mountain pass. Taken at sunset from Geology Vista, Mount Lemmon, Tucson, Arizona.

Picture it’s 1998, and you’re driving a Toyota Corolla on the I-10 in Tucson, AZ. After a glance over your shoulder and at your passenger mirror, you change lanes. HONK! A car was in your blind spot. The results of that situation were often quite scary, even fatal. If you’re lucky, you suffered only a near miss and a reminder about the importance of having great Arizona car insurance. 

Fast-forward to 2023, and you’ll likely avoid that situation altogether. If your car has modern safety features, your blind spot detector would have alerted you as soon as you started to change lanes. This technological advancement is only one of many upgrades to today’s cars that have improved road safety in Tucson.  

If you’re in the market for a new car or want to learn more about the safety of modern vehicles, consider the following three features as potential life savers. 

1. Lane Departure 

Yes, blind spot detection is an excellent warning to prevent a potentially catastrophic incident, especially when changing lanes on the highway. However, lane departure is handy even when driving back roads. Suppose you’re driving a much newer vehicle. Perhaps you fully embrace the spirit of the area by buying a 2023 Hyundai Tucson loaded with creature comforts and the most automotive safety advancements for your money. 

You’re driving through Main Gate, listening to your premium audio system, enjoying the cooled seats, and viewing the surrounding area’s culture. A song begins playing through your Bluetooth-connected smartphone, and you’re just not in the mood for it. So, you turn your attention away for a split second to advance the song on your Apple CarPlay. As you do so, your vehicle naturally drifts slightly to the left, where an oncoming flatbed truck is approaching. 

Just 10 years ago, this situation could have resulted in a horrible situation. If you have a vehicle with a lane departure warning, however, you will hear a beep as soon as the car starts to drift and be able to take corrective action long before anything dangerous happens. 

Highway in Tucson, Arizona

2. Backup Camera 

Let’s place you in that same wonderfully equipped vehicle at the grocery store. You’ve loaded the rear cargo area with supplies for the week, quickly step into the driver’s seat, look behind you, glance at the rearview mirror, and begin backing out of your parking spot. 

Just then, an elderly woman crosses behind your car with a cart full of groceries. You didn’t see her when you looked behind you because she was blocked by the massive SUV parked next to you. However, as soon as you put the car in reverse, your backup camera alerts you to her presence behind you. Crisis averted. No personal injury claims or insurance companies needed. 

3. Automatic Stopping 

Driving in Tucson can require high alertness, no matter what car you drive. You never know when a child will ride a bicycle in an unpredictable manner. A dog or other animal could scurry across the street seemingly out of nowhere. Or another driver slams on their brakes without warning. When any of those things happen, you’ll be thankful for an automatic stopping feature. 

Automatic stopping will judge the speed of your car against the speed of the vehicle in front of you. If it feels like you’re going too fast, they’re going too slow, or both, the car will loudly emit an alert. If you don’t adhere to its warning immediately, your vehicle will quickly apply the brakes on its own and prevent anything from a fender bender to a nasty high-speed rear-end collision. 

What Else is New in Driver Safety Technology? 

This article contains just a few of the modern driving safety features available. Many others exist, including driver assistance, which can help make driving in Tucson a safer journey than ever before. If you’re unfamiliar, driver assistance is one level down from a self-driving car. It will adjust speeds, brake, and keep your car from veering into other lanes. Unfortunately, these features may not provide auto insurance discounts, but they could prevent costly repairs and severe injury. 

The Best Safety Feature of Them All is Affordable Auto Insurance in Arizona 

The most advanced and effective feature is to stay alert, sober, and make good decisions anytime you’re behind the wheel. It’s also vital to make sure you’re covered with the right auto policy. Contact Oasis for high-quality, affordable Arizona car insurance at 800-330-5190 or visit us online today, especially if you’re still driving a 1998 Toyota Corolla! 

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