Car Accidents Increase During the Holidays — Are You Carrying the Right Insurance Coverage?

December 15, 2021
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As the holiday season approaches in Arizona, it’s important to understand that car accidents, overall, increase during this time of the year. It’s also important to ensure that you have the best car insurance and carry enough coverage to protect you throughout the holiday season.  

Numerous driving conditions are dramatically different near the holidays, and they can make road trips far more dangerous than they are at other times of the year. Make sure to prepare by allowing extra time during your trip, taking frequent breaks while on the road, and carrying enough car insurance in case there is an accident. 

Let’s look at some important information about traveling during the holiday season. 

Do People Traveling in Groups Cause More Accidents? 

As the holidays get closer, there are numerous things to keep in mind as you travel. One factor that increases car accidents dramatically is the higher number of people who travel in groups from one place to another.  

When drivers travel in unfamiliar places and attempt to follow one another while staying together, it’s far more likely for an accident to occur. Individual drivers may drive aggressively while trying to close gaps in traffic, speeding, or blocking intersections as they try to stay together on their family road trip and avoid getting lost in unfamiliar territory. 

Distracted Driving Increases Near the Holidays — Make Sure You Have the Best Car Insurance in Arizona 

Distracted driving is another significant risk during the holidays. Often, individuals travel with children, attempting to reach new destinations by a specific time while receiving more calls and messages from family than usual. Teenage drivers are also on the road in greater numbers as they’re out of school for holiday breaks.  

These circumstances can lead to a dramatic increase in distracted driving, making it more difficult for you to get to your destination safely. You need to have the best and most affordable car insurance in Arizona. Consider full coverage to ensure that you’re protected against any accidents you may be involved in, especially those that are someone else’s fault. 

Are There More People Driving Under the Influence Around the Holidays? 

There is a significant increase in the number of individuals driving under the influence near the holidays. People visit their family and friends, celebrate together, and have more to drink than they realize, then make the wrong decision to get behind the wheel.  

This can make driving more dangerous than usual, especially on the holidays themselves and the weekends before and after. It’s essential to carry enough car insurance to protect yourself in case you have an accident with a driver who’s under the influence of drugs or alcohol during the holiday season. 

Do People Drive More at Night During the Holiday Season? 

People also drive at night far more frequently during the holiday season. Holiday events are often planned later in the evening to account for work schedules. Events like tree lightings, trips to view holiday lights, or family dinners are all often scheduled for after dark, as well.  

It’s not uncommon to find yourself driving home at a later hour than you’d expected to be on the road after having dinner and dessert at a friend’s house, for example. Driving after dark is more dangerous and can lead to increased traffic fatalities this time of year. 

Aggressive Driving is More Common Around the Holidays  

Another issue to watch out for as you hit the road this holiday season is more aggressive driving than usual. One of your best defense methods is to prepare yourself with the best car insurance in Arizona. Then, even if you’re involved in an accident due to another driver’s aggressive driving techniques, you’ll know that you’re covered. 

During the holiday season, drivers tend to be more stressed out, more impatient about getting to their destination on time, and more overwhelmed by the lists of tasks they have to complete. This can lead to more aggressive driving throughout November and December, making it more dangerous to be on the roads. Having enough insurance coverage can help protect you and your family in the event of an accident. 

Do More People Drive While Tired Near the Holidays? 

It’s also common for more drivers to get behind the wheel even when fatigued during the holiday season. They may have stayed out late the night before, or they may be heading home from a holiday event where they’ve stayed longer than they originally intended. Driving while fatigued is almost as bad as driving while under the influence, and it can make for an especially dangerous situation. 

Alternatively, more individuals are simply tired during the holidays due to the numerous extra tasks they have to complete and events they have to attend. Fatigued drivers can make the roads more dangerous overall and can dramatically increase the potential for accidents. Tired drivers are a problem on weekends in November and December and even more so closer to the holidays themselves. As the holidays approach, be sure that you’re well-rested when you get behind the wheel. You should also make sure that you’re carrying enough car insurance in case you’re in an accident with a fatigued driver. 

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What About Drivers Unfamiliar with Arizona? 

The holidays can also bring numerous drivers that are unfamiliar with Arizona’s scenic roads to the area. As an Arizona resident, it can be far more difficult to get around when numerous confused individuals are on the streets. These drivers can clog commercial areas when large events take place and make it difficult to enter and exit. 

It’s important to make sure that you’re carrying enough of the best car insurance in Arizona to protect you throughout the holiday season, and Oasis Insurance can help. Call us today at (800) 330-5190 to make sure that you have the coverage you need. You can also visit us or reach out to us online to learn more about our products. 

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