8 Steps to Protect Your Car from Theft in Arizona 

June 9, 2022
car being broken into

What if you were making life easier for a thief and you didn’t even know it? 

Unlike burglars, Arizona car thieves don’t usually spend a lot of time planning which vehicle to rob. Instead, they usually take advantage of cars that look more vulnerable. Standard car insurance, such as liability and collision coverage, won’t protect your car from theft. 

That’s the bad news. The good news is that you can take a few simple steps to make your own vehicle the safest car in Arizona. 

Want to make your car safer? Keep reading to discover 8 tips to help you protect your vehicle! 

1. Keep Your Car Locked 

While locking your car is an obvious way to prevent theft in Arizona, it is still one of the best ways. Because car thieves are opportunists, they are likelier to skip a locked car to look for one that is unlocked. 

Try to turn locking the car into a regular part of your ritual. For example, training yourself to hit the “lock” button before you close the door can do a lot to cut down on the risk of theft. We also recommend that you maximize your safety and minimize the risk of theft by keeping your car locked while you drive. 

2. Keep Your Vehicle Keys on You 

It’s important to never leave your keys in the ignition. Similarly, you need to avoid keeping a backup key near your car if you wish to protect it from theft. 

Many drivers keep the key in the ignition in areas where they feel safe, especially if they are only making a short stop. When your car is unlocked and the keys are in the ignition, anyone can steal the vehicle before you know it! 

As for backup keys, an outside key that is easily accessible is a key that a thief may eventually find and use. We recommend keeping backup keys in other areas, including fire safes or simply on your partner’s keychain. 

3. Install Anti-Theft Devices 

By installing certain anti-theft devices, you greatly reduce the odds of your vehicle being stolen. If it is stolen, certain anti-theft devices can help you track the car down. 

Anti-theft systems range from simple wheel locks to very loud alarms all the way to complex vehicle immobilizer systems. You can also install a special tracker in your car that will help you find it in the event your vehicle is stolen. 

As an added bonus, installing such anti-theft devices should help you get a discount on your car insurance from your insurance company. Speaking of insurance, don’t forget that if you have renter’s insurance, it helps protect possessions in the car even when the car is far away from the home you rent. 

4. Keep the Vehicle Title in Your Home 

It’s important to keep the title for your vehicle in your home instead of in your car. Otherwise, you might be giving a future car thief the perfect alibi! 

That is because there is a difference between catching a theft and proving the crime. For instance, a police officer may pull a suspected thief over but then let them go if they are able to produce the proper registration. 

Ultimately, you can make your car a lot safer by putting the title with other important documents in a fireproof safe inside your home. 

5. Park Your Car in Well-Lit Areas 

Arizona car thieves prefer to steal cars from dark or dimly lit areas. You can deter theft in many cases by simply parking in well-lit areas. If you are a college student, always park your car in a well-lighted area – for your safety as much as for the car. 

The reason well-lit areas are important is that thieves are more likely to be seen. Car thieves understand that being illuminated as they steal a car may mean someone sees them and calls the police. 

As simple as it is, parking in well-lit areas is one of the best deterrents to car theft. Especially if you happen to be driving one of Arizona’s most commonly stolen cars

cars parked at night in parking lot under light

6. Etch Your VIN on a Window 

Most car thieves eventually plan to sell the cars they steal. You can foil this by having your car’s VIN etched onto one or more windows. 

The VIN on your windows helps to prove ownership of the car. While a thief could simply replace the glass, most of them will avoid stealing the car in the first place. 

Why? Because it takes a lot of time and money to replace the windows (especially if you etch the VIN on more than one window). A car thief is far likelier to move onto another vehicle that will be easier to eventually sell. 

7. Turn Your Wheels to the Curb 

One of the most surprising ways you can deter car theft in Arizona is to turn your wheels to the curb when you park. This simple step actually makes your vehicle much harder to steal! 

Why is that? A car thief has to be able to easily maneuver your car out of its spot, and moving the tires to the curb makes it harder for them to do so. It will be particularly hard to grab your car if the thief is using a tow truck to snag unsuspecting vehicles! 

8. Never Leave Valuables in the Car 

Rather than steal entire vehicles, some thieves are content to steal the items they can find inside of your car. To help deter this, make sure you don’t have any valuable items clearly visible inside the vehicle. 

When it comes to “valuable,” you need to think like a thief. For example, you may not think your very out-of-date phone is valuable. This doesn’t mean a thief won’t break your car window to steal it if they see the phone sitting on your dashboard. 

Some ambitious thieves may also try to hotwire your car once they get inside. While renter’s insurance can help cover items stolen from your car as well as your home, it’s best to hide valuable items and reduce the odds of them getting stolen. 

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