What Should I Pack for an Arizona Road Trip? 

August 23, 2022
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Packing can make or break your Arizona road trip. Forgotten essentials can derail your plans, so it’s important to make sure you have everything together before you leave. That way, you can focus on enjoying your trip. Remember that preparing for your trip also includes protecting your vehicle with auto insurance that covers you from the moment you leave your driveway until you get back home. 

What Should You Know Before You Travel in Arizona? 

Even if you live in Arizona, knowing what to pack can be a challenge. Arizona offers plenty of unique attractions, and you can find something different in every corner of the state. While you can certainly explore the cities and smaller towns, the great outdoors has its own draw. 

Many people picture Arizona as a desert state, but once you visit north of Phoenix, you’ll find mountains, forests, and lower temperatures. Before you leave, check the area’s geography and climate. 

The Arizona heat can overwhelm visitors, especially in the summer, but the state experiences all kinds of weather, including snowstorms in winter and monsoons in fall. Plus, temperatures in the desert can vary up to 30 degrees between day and night, so prepare for unexpected weather changes and pack accordingly. 

Many dry areas in Arizona are prone to wildfires. If you plan to camp, make sure you understand fire safety so that you can do your part to protect yourself and others who want to enjoy the state’s outdoor attractions. 

Lastly, make sure your car is in good condition before you leave. Make sure your insurance policy is up to date, your tires are properly inflated, and your car’s controls are all in working order. 

Arizona Road Trip Essentials 

Whether you’re visiting the Grand Canyon, Phoenix, or exploring several locations on your trip, make your packing list early. You may need different items for different places, depending on where you plan to go. Planning to spend time in the desert sun will look different than preparing for a hike in the Phoenix Mountains. Here are some things you should make sure you have on your Arizona road trip: 

  • Appropriate clothing: With Arizona’s varied temperatures, you should prepare with layers. Nights get cold even in the desert, so bring a jacket and dress according to the season. Don’t forget to bring a change of clothes, too, if you plan to spend a lot of time outside. 
  • Sun protection: The Arizona sun gets intense, especially in summer. Bring SPF 30+ sunscreen, sunglasses, and even a wide-brimmed hat to ensure maximum sun protection. Wearing sunscreen strong enough to protect your skin reduces the risk of skin cancer, and you may even consider bringing lip balm with SPF. 
  • Hiking gear: There’s no more important time to wear the right shoes than on a hike. Wear supportive, waterproof hiking boots to protect your feet from wet trails, cactus needles, and other potential dangers while you explore. 
  • Water and snacks: Staying hydrated will save you in the Arizona heat. Dehydration can become serious quickly, so maintaining electrolytes with consistent water and snacks will boost your energy and give you more time to enjoy the outdoors. 
  • Lightweight backpack: If you’re planning to hike, you’ll need something to carry your supplies. Having a backpack keeps your hands free and ensures you have everything you need on hand during your trip. 
  • Essential information: Make sure you have your ID and any other necessary documents on hand in case something goes wrong on your road trip in Arizona. For example, if you get in a car accident, you’ll appreciate having your information handy. 

Along with appropriate clothing, you may want to bring a swimsuit, especially if you stay somewhere with a pool.  

Consider getting a map or guide to help you plan your road trip, and don’t forget your phone charger so you can take photos. 

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